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We wish we could reach out to each one of you individually because we know you’re likely hurting from one or more of these things. Please know we are feeling all this too and thinking about everyone and trying to do as many things as we can to help as many people as possible. We know you’re all doing the same. Hang on to each other …

I didn’t think I’d ever find cause to consider ousting thee from the hall, and where your comment is more metal than mine I concede that I’ve no grounds for such, but know that I’m watching you with the beady plastic eyes of a Muppet scorned.
And it’s just “Alive” dammit.

Inspiration for the lyrics came from an array of disparate sources, even the palpable tension between Vedder and his bandmates, particularly Pearl Jam's newest member, Dave Abbruzzese. The jovial drummer joined right before Ten was released, and was elated to be in a popular band. Vedder, of course, found such naive enthusiasm for the rock-star life endlessly grating.

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Pearl Jam - Angry Love Vol. 1Pearl Jam - Angry Love Vol. 1Pearl Jam - Angry Love Vol. 1Pearl Jam - Angry Love Vol. 1