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Milligan and Allred completely revamped the series, designing a team more akin to popstars or reality TV contestants than the gritty, violent paramilitary group originally portrayed in the series. The title was laced with Milligan's satirical take on the superhero team as well as general cynicism toward the entire genre . Milligan and Allred would regularly play with killing off the title characters: In their first issue, they wiped out the entire team with only two exceptions. This dramatic revision of the series was not universally accepted. Many readers wanted "their" X-Force back, a complaint Milligan later parodied in the pages of the title. [2] However, the title was receiving mainstream media coverage in titles like Rolling Stone . [ citation needed ]

Tom Selleck was the hunky heartthrob who took over the screen when he starred in the famous eighties show, Magnum . The man and his glorious mustache made everyone ...

Magnum Force - Girl You're Too CoolMagnum Force - Girl You're Too CoolMagnum Force - Girl You're Too CoolMagnum Force - Girl You're Too Cool