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"Parchman Farm" is one of Allison's best-known songs. In 1964, he re-recorded it with some new lyrics as "New Parchman" for The Word from Mose album. Heightening the irony, the first verse includes "Sittin' over here on Parchman Farm, the place is loaded with rustic charm". [9] A variety of artists have recorded Allison's "Parchman Farm", including Blue Cheer (as "Parchment Farm"), Blues Project , Blues Image , Cactus , David Clayton-Thomas , the Charlie Daniels Band (as "Parchmont Farm"), Dead Moon , Rick Derringer , Georgie Fame , Bobbie Gentry , Hot Tuna , the Kingston Trio , John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers , and Johnny Winter . [10]

Big Dog will confirm that Albert Castiglia is a different breed from the lightweights and arrivistes who dominate the modern music scene. After five acclaimed albums and decades of blazing blues-rock shows, you might argue that youve already made his acquaintance. But by the Florida bandleaders own admission, Big Dog is the first release to truly get under his skin. I just wanted to make a record that best represented who I am, as a musician, singer, guitarist and live artist, explains Albert. With every release, Ive come close, but this time, producer Mike Zito helped me nail it. He and label boss Thomas Ruf wanted me to make a raw, rocking blues record. Thats what Im about- thats who I am.

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Mose Allison - Sings And PlaysMose Allison - Sings And PlaysMose Allison - Sings And PlaysMose Allison - Sings And Plays