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. Duke and his wife Nanaline legally transfer 33 tracts of land, over 20,000 shares of stock, live and domesticated animals, and designated furniture to Duke Farms Company in Somerville, NJ. The farm, which since 1893 had evolved from a 327 acre farm to a nearly 2,000 acre estate, will become one of Doris Duke's favorite residences. She will eventually transform it into a 2,700 acre estate dedicated to the stewardship of the natural environment.

The six in-state products include defensive tackle Elijiah Brown (Charlotte), tight end Zamari Ellis (Henderson), wide receiver Jarett Garner (Harrisburg), quarterback Gunnar Holmberg (Wake Forest), offensive lineman Maurice McIntyre (Jacksonville) and safety Nate Thompson (Sanford).

Doris Duke - Business DealDoris Duke - Business DealDoris Duke - Business DealDoris Duke - Business Deal